Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hands up who loves Brian?

I speak of none other than Brian Andriola, Mr Interior & Still Life photographer extraordinaire. I'm loving his photo gallery which you can find here but I've found some of my favourites at desire to inspire
10 points for anyone who can tell me how this gigantic branch is standing up in that small bowl on the floor. In the eyes of a 3 year old, that branch is fair game for all things Tarzan. I'd rate it as having about 0.0000001 second chance of surviving the hands of my children. Pretty, delicate but oh so impractical. 

Brian appears to be a lover of all things green so he's already won my heart. Again, the ferns and hydrangea's in all their glory would be torn apart in a rather tortuous way, de-petaled flower by flower to make what my daughter's refer to as chunky soup!

Oh the serenity. Being in a convenient reaching distance for adventurous little hands, one of two things would take place in this scene - candle wax burns or setting the garden on fire. Either that or throwing themselves off what appears to be a steep cliff face. 

So until my children get a hell of a lot older, I'll just dream about these beautiful images in the distant knowledge that when I am old enough to retire I could have the same but will be too old and grumpy to bother!

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