Monday, June 21, 2010

Colour my world...

In the words of Petula Clark, Westlife or Backstreet Boys (trust me....I was just looking for a colour song...I am not a devotee to these artists)

Oh, you can colour my world with sunshine yellow each day!
Oh, you can colour my world with happiness all the way!

Just take the green from the grass and the blue from the sky up above!

And if you colour my world just paint it with your love!


Just colour my la la la laaaaaa!

Hope your Monday is just as colourful. 

Oh, and if you're looking for some fun to be had on Saturday, check out my Handmade Christmas Challenge meme....starts this Saturday. Hope you can join in!


Little Ted Canvas said...

Loving those kitchens! Yes, my little girly owl sure is for your sweet little 6yr old..I'll drop it round...Hope you've had a fabulous birthday xx

Kerry said...

Bloody that my ex mother-in-law peering down from that stove!! Thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog...had me in on!

BOB & MABEL said...

Beautiful rooms, you have great taste.

Beach Vintage said...

Wow take a look at that rug under the bed. Fabulous.

Nantucket Mermaid said...

Is this your pad? Wonderful! Something that other people blog about except it's YOURS! ye haw...xo :)-----<