Monday, July 19, 2010

The dreaded blue couch gets a makeover

You may remember a post last month where I lamented about all the DIY projects I had started but not finished. Then, a few weeks later, I finished the telephone table and now, I can happily report that I am on the home stretch of breathing new life into the dreaded blue couch. The pattern is perfect and the tacking job I did with the fabric around the frame of the couch looks presentable. It may not be a new couch but it is 'oh so much better' than it's stain ridden, seam popping, revolting blue previous self.


(with material tacked on to the frame of the couch)


The couch is an L shaped 6 seater. Currently we have them separated (which is why there is an absence of a right arm) but we will be re-uniting them shortly.


Little Ted Canvas said...

They look gorgeous, the perfect snoozing couch...aaahhh, if only there was the time for snoozing...

Justine de Jonge said...

beautiful work! i recognise a piece of furniture in the corner of your last shot too ;o)

Catherine said...

Great makeover! It looks set for more years of lounging around now.