Thursday, July 22, 2010

Winter romance and flannel pajama's

I was complaining to my husband the other day
that there never seems to be enough time or intent
for good old fashioned romance

Where you stare adoringly into each others eyes
and whisper sweet notes of love

To this I got a grunt and then the pearls of wisdom that only a husband could dish out
"You don't exactly inspire romance when you shuffle around in those fluffy slippers all night, blowing your nose and wearing those flannel pj's"

What do they say about a woman scorned?
Hell hath no fury perhaps!
bugger you then..
I'll create my own bloody romance!

and so I set about creating it
on a night that was bitterly cold
when the kids were cranky and tired
and we'd had enough of settling their disputes

First, the candles were lit...

then the homemade pizza's were made...

and to finish we grazed on a basket full of homemade chocolate coated strawberries


I got my romance...
let me be more precise...
 I achieved what I set out to do.

A night of ambiance with a hint of romance in the air, 
even if it was shared with two tired children and a sheepish husband.


BOB & MABEL said...

How lovely, although I would have hidden in the pantry and eaten all the strawberries myself!

Sarah B said...

I am always getting in trouble for wearing Flannelette pj's! But really, how's a girl to keep warm?

Anna said... it...

Its hard to look sexy in winter nightwear..I mean you want to look sexy or freeze to death? Im all flannels, odd socks and

Ah the old Romance....when family, house and stresses come along its much hard to make the time..and even if you be in the mood is the tricky part...glad it all panned out the way you planned lovely x

moose and bird said...

Good on you! And how good do those chocolate coated strawberries look!
I'm always getting in trouble for my horrible high waisted elasticated fleecy track pants....but to hell with it, I have to stay warm somehow. xo

Widge said...

Haha! Good for you!!