Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The woes of shopping!

When I am plagued with interior design ideas and yet none of them seem the right fit, I throw it in and go outside to play. I then look around and realise there's just about as much stuff to do outside as there is inside. This is usually when I am at my most dangerous. 

Whilst I will labour over a decision to buy a $1 Op shop treasure, it appears I have no reservation in spending my life savings on plants and pretty flowers to adorn my front yard. 

I blame it on Anne of Green Gables. Those high-falutin' English cottages with their dainty but incredibly expensive perennials with names like Lily of the Valley and Lady's Mantle conjure up such whimsy and romance that you're convinced Colin Firth is going to pop by for a spot of tea.

How on earth do you remain a discerning shopper when your local nursery cunningly displays their most prettiest and alluring scented flowers just as you breeze through their front door's? Whilst I'd like to think I have the bank balance equal to those that sit at the very top of our social hierarchy, shelling out $250 on 12 plants just about crippled me! They might look great in the dirt now, but I'll be eating bread and water until the next pay day.

My gorgeous little one captured ripping the heads off flowers from their young stems. That's ok - we can buy more!!!!

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