Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flea Market Find - $1 Bonanza

I feel guilty enough paying so little when I find a priceless heirloom at my local Op Shop, but when they have a $1 sale on everything in the store, what's a woman to do?

I pondered how on earth they make a profit,
debated long and hard whether I should take advantage of this day light robbery
and decided "who am I to veto such a worthy cause?"
so I rolled up my sleeves,
put my fastest runners on,
and my best shopping grin
and headed down there.

Was not disappointed...

I bought this wonderful picture frame (for the gorgeous picture) for $1.00
I painted the frame gucci green to add that air of sophistication only gucci can
and placed it on my cabinet with no handles.
Since painting my cabinet, I am troubled by the many variations and colours of available handles. Suggestions are welcomed! 
The frame will move to the wall at some stage once I string it up at the back.

Not to be outdone by the gorgeous picture frame, I found this cracker of a kitchen table cloth (AKA single bed sheet to those with no imagination).


I then spent what seemed like half a day (and no doubt it was) strategically placing sea shells and coastal trinkets to create a centrepiece in order to draw ones attention to the magnificence that was my $1.00 Op Shop find.

On his arrival home from an early morning cycle, embodied in Lycra and looking sweaty, wonderful husband looked at table cloth and then me, and without raising an eyebrow asked what was for lunch.

I know in that look that he was humouring me.

You see, Mr Lycra isn't too happy. He has been kicked off the computer indefinitely. When summoned, he reluctantly shuffles his feet to the monitor grumbling something under his breath about missing the best part of Top Gear. Unperturbed I show him my favourite blogspots and bang on about these creative geniuses and how if I am ever worthy, I too might be able to craft a masterpiece one day. Until that time, I will do my bit and scrounge around Op shops, picking out priceless possessions and with all the energy that I can muster (for a woman constantly complaining that she is tired) will lovingly restore them to their former glory.

These are baby steps in the creative juggernaut that is blogging. I hope one day, I'll have earned my crafty stripes (by sewing some amazing channel gown from a hessian sack or a pin cushion that makes front page of vogue) and will be able to say with pride I too, am a crafty Jedi Warrior.


Amanda said...

lol you made me laugh picturing the pin cushion on the mag cover!

i don't think i'll ever tire of those groovy tableclothes :)

yardage girl said...

Great post, and I have a MR Lycra who loves Top Gear too - snap! As far as the handles go - you can eiether match or clash (in a good way) - that is, metal OR pick a colour that you want to accent from other items in your room. Good luck! May the force be with you!

clare's craftroom said...

Oh but you are a crafty warrior already . I love the cloth and the frame is wonderful . Great post thanks very much !

Jennie said...

Wow, a $1 sale! Looks brilliant.
And such a great post!

Christina said...

That frame is fantastic, and does look excellent painted.

What about knobs like this? -


Little Ted Canvas said...

That table cloth is lovely! In fact it would make some nice stool covers...

. said...

What fantastic little treasures you have found..and a at ridiculously cheap price..golly gosh! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment..I do appreciate it..and I hope you swing by again. Anna :) x

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your fab finds! btw what a sweet cabinet and very nice sheet, oops i mean tablecloth!

Beach Vintage said...

Oh my I would have gone crazy at this sale! I love the tablecloth edging!

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

Oh how what a fabulous sale! Got to love it! What a gorgeous tablecloth. Thanks so much for playing along.
Sophie x