Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Op Shop finds for today

After dropping off my eldest daughter to school, with break neck speed I headed to the Op shop with my youngest in tow. I knew if I was quick, I could scan the shelves and baskets of three Op Shops in my neighbourhood. Absent of a list, I thought I'd just see what special knicky knacks I could find. I wasn't disappointed.

I love this wicker covered bottle and wooden bowls. Ideal for adding a bit of ambience in the backyard when entertaining or just relaxing sipping a G&T with a handful of nibbles.

In addition to these little beauties, I bought these fantastic fruit shaped wooden bowls. They might scream 70's but I think their kitch. Placed strategically on my previous market find, I think they look fantastic!
And all for a grand total of $4.00!


Little Ted Canvas said...

They're fantastic! Love the wooden dishes & that wicker covered bottle is've found your calling, LOVE it all! Nice post, I sense we will be seeing more of your lovely finds, all this sharing is a little warned...xx

bee said...

Hi Tracey - thanks for stopping by my blog! Your comments are lovely :)
These op shop finds are gorgeous - well done! There is something SO satisfying about coming home from an op-shopping spree with a few special 'new' treasures.