Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birds make me happy!

I love birds - the stuffed kind. Actually, I love all birds - the natural kind are wonderful however I have taken a particular liking to those gorgeous birds that adorn the shop window of my local florist. After finding an old and unwanted bird cage from the Op shop last week, I decided to buy a couple of birds and give them a new home. I would have been adventurous and considered the real, chirping in the dawn kind of bird, but we have failed miserably lately with our extended family of guinea pigs...each week it seems we've had one run for freedom (into the hands of an opportunist cat) or give up the ghost (only to be found cold and lifeless) and me left explaining to my little girls why they decided to go to the big zoo in the sky! So, the birds of a crafty kind are about all I feel responsible enough to handle. I've strategically placed the bird cage in my favourite chill out spot in the backyard (top right hand corner). The local birds that socialise and chat in neighbouring trees around us make up for my introverted ones!

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Beach Vintage said...

I love the bird cages too! Thanks so much for dropping By Beach Vintage.