Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hoo's up for tea?

It was a comedy of errors today. My intentions were good - drop off eldest to school, do housework, finish grocery shopping, steal a few minutes in the day to stop off at Vintage Market, cook dinner.

I took my youngest with me, got to the market, youngest wee'd her pants on vintage toy rocker, quickest spill recovery you've ever seen and out the door with haste. Of course, didn't have a spare change of clothes so poor little one had to sit in soggy pants.

On the way home, the clouds parted and a heavenly ray of light shone down on a little Op Shop on the side of the road I'd never seen before. Quick dash in and I managed to find an old pair of pants to replace soggy ones and came across this hoot of a tea cosy! Quite chuffed with my purchase, I came home and made myself a cup of tea.


bee said...

Hahah this is adorable! I would LOVE something like this for myself :) What a great score!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Too cute, I love that!

Cherie said...

Fabulous finds - love your idea for that jug - enjoy ;)