Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Welcome Wall

This is my 'welcome wall' - the hallway entrance to my front door. The wall is so large I decided to incorporate some permanent art. I think it needs some birds perching on the tree branches - haven't quite convinced my husband on that one! Maybe a little seat at the bottom of the tree that I can strategically place some blankets and cushions and hide my shoes underneath. It would hopefully give the illusion of a park bench next to a real tree. I think I've just thought of my next Op Shop Challenge for this weekend - park bench, here I come!


Little Ted Canvas said...

Love the idea! A nice posie for the kids to put on their shoes & toss their bags as they get home...sure hope you find that bench. Love your header by the way, nice job!

Kate said...

Great job on the tree, looks fabulous! I reckon a swing would look pretty great hanging down too. X

Catherine said...

The tree is so beautiful and very welcoming. A seat next to the tree sounds like a great idea.:)