Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reviving some vintage pieces

My grandmother's silver wear had been hiding in packing boxes in a dark and damp garage for many, many years. 

I felt it was time to dust them off
give them a new home
and make them practical for the kids to enjoy!

The kids love pulling this out to use when they have a creative moment and want to draw.

My mum actually purchased this planter bowl for me. I think the building blocks are far more practical than a plant.

I have a little idea for this one. I plan to fill it full of affirmation cards for my children to read 
each day.

Do you have any idea's you'd like to share on how I can make other vintage pieces 
kid friendly?


Little Ted Canvas said...

They look gorgeous being used like this...way too good for the kiddies though...
Love the blocks in that pot. Eddie plays with my vintage blocks every single day now that they're sitting in a dish on the cabinet!

Julie Johnson said...

Love these pieces! My motto has always been "nothing is too sacred"'s just stuff! I remember family members gasping when I pulled the china out for unconventional uses. Oh well. I'd rather enjoy them every day! I love what you've done with them.
Thanks for the great questions you left on my blog!