Sunday, April 11, 2010

Plentiful Pink

We have the most amazing bougainvillea creeper at the front of our home. Years ago, before we purchased the house, there stood a 50 year old Eucalypt Tree which towered over the front garden. One very windy day, it came down but left half its trunk, roots defiant that they were not going to let go. Over time, the bougainvillea has crept in to every corner of this old Eucalypt tree trunk. It's flowers are prolific. 

Due to the onslaught of pink when you enter the front garden, snipping some some flowers and putting them in a vase always seemed a little OTT. How much pink can a girl really have!

But then I woke up this morning to a beautiful message via the Pretty in Pink posting at The Diversion Project via Mark Bolton (images you see above) it gave me an idea.....

Said Tree and Creeper

And inspired by others, my creations

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!


Amanda said...

thanks for commenting on my pin cushion :)

that last photo is gorgeous, really shows off the flowers as well as the lovely dark branch

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

So glad you liked the blog, and thanks for the sweet note.

Your bougs look fabulous! jules

Katy said...

Mmm yes the branch in the vase is special indeed. Thanks for the encouraging comment :) they stop me from chucking the pots out the window...!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Gorgeous! I love that vibrant pink in your garden, and it looks beautiful in the vase against the white.