Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space this week is my plant stand in my backyard. When we purchased our home, the old plant stand was left, filled with rust and quite unloved. I repainted it and have slowly acquired planters from Op shops and filled the stand with quirky cacti and alike. The kids and I have oodles of fun planting - its what I call our cheap and cheerful creation!

For more creative creations, visit kootoyoo.


Mira Narnie said...

That old plant stand is a real treasure - and your plants look great!
Brenda @MiraNarnie

Little Ted Canvas said...

I do love that plant stand & so glad it didn't get tossed! Your pots look great out there x

Catherine said...

I love planter stands and your looks lovely with the new coat of paint and all the treasures and plants you have on it.

In answer to your question about favourites spots for children I would have to say that my girls enjoyed Tazmazia and the Marapooka Caves with glow worms. They also enjoyed picking strawberries at Sorell, Port Arthur and the Tahune Airwalk.

Have fun planning, I still have a few more posts to go so if I remember anything else I'll let you know. :)

Amanda said...

love the plant stand, it looks great. there is an abandoned house near us with one of them on the verandah and i'm so tempted to 'borrow' it! but i have resisted so far ;)