Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flea Market Find

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date. I've had so much fun over the weekend though. I may be late joining in on Sophie's Flea Market Finds this Sunday, but I was suitably distracted with the hustle and bustle of Melbourne city life. For all the wonderful advantages that the beach life brings, I still have an affinity for inner city living. Little things like getting a REAL coffee or walking down a whole length of a street, browsing the shops. The exhaust fumes are a killer but every once in a while, you don't mind breathing in their toxic if it means you can drool over your favourite Meet Me At Mikes!

It was so wonderful to see the Envelope Project in all its glory, spread out across their window. I hovered around for ages, looking for mine but in a sea of envelopes, I couldn't find it. A lady from Canberra delivered her envelope in person on Saturday which is a mean effort! It also signals the last day of the envelope project so now we must wait patiently to see who is drawn to receive all the goodies.

Just before I left for Melbourne, I managed to stop by my local Oppy and found a vintage suitcase with quaint international vintage airline stickers still in their place. The lady at the Oppy said to me "you know, apparently these suitcases are worth a bit particularly when they have stickers on them" and with that she charged me a whopping $3!!! I love Op Shopping!

I also found this gorgeous vintage sheet which I'll put to great use recovering something in my home. 

For more Flea Market goodness, head over to Sophie's.


Ruby Star said...

What a lovely weekend. And awesome oppy spotting, what a score!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Glad you had a fun weekend. It's always nice to get away & enjoy some time to yourselves, though just as nice to come home!

m.e (Cathie) said...

sounds like a great weekend!
love the suitcase find. pretty good price, I normally get mine for about $5. went to a salvos the other day & saw a suitcase for...wait for it..$35!! are they kidding!
happy august to you ♥

Sherrin said...

The suitcase is perfect! I love it. I am still regretting leaving behind a sweet little red suitcase. I should have bought it, even with the $25 pricetag.

moose and bird said...

Lucky you.....being able to spend your weekend browsing the shops in Melbourne. I have never been inside Mike's but have seen it when whizzing past on the tram. Hope your Monday is lovely. x

by marie-nicole said...

$3 that's insane... I have quite a collection, and have bought many of them but I have never been fortunate enough to be charged that little.

Thank you for your message on my post... I too love the history in an old trunk, actually I love anything that has a story behind it.


PottyMouthMama said...

Loving your photos - they are gorgeous.

I think I have that same suitcase - my Mum and Dad used to have it - and now I have it! Super cute.