Thursday, August 12, 2010

My creative space

Oh my goodness, did anyone else in Victoria feel like their house of bricks were going to fly away last night? Actually some of it did! Our fence that we share with our neighbour has blown away! I've had no sleep worrying about my poor little guinea pigs outside and whether they made it through the storm. The wind was angry my friend. Still is.

Come school drop off time, I'll be heading back home with my takeaway coffee to bunker down and get in to the warm, comfy zone of my creative space. 

Speaking of comfy, don't you just love this fabric? I just bought it. Happy days! This gorgeous Red Orange Kanagroo Paw print with the snow drop background comes from the very talented girls at Ink & Spindle. I'm using it to recover these old foot stools that I bought for a song at my local op shop. 

If my calculations are right, I should have a bit of material left over to make some cushions as well. Wish me luck!

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5 star, baby! said...

I do love that fabric! those girls at ink & spindle are very clever!!
we too, struggled through the night thinking our roof might peel off like a sardine can to expose us all to the nastiness that was about!
surprisingly, we have come out of it unscathed. shouldn't speak too soon.
have a great warm cosy crafy day xx

nerines said...

I'm glad you've made it through the storm, it sounds like it was absolutely awful!
Those foot stools are going to look stunning!! :)

Catherine said...

Sounds a bit scary there. I hope you're keeping warm and safe today.

Lovely fabric, it will look great covering the stools.:)

Cherie said...

Grogeous fabric, the stools will look stunning, can't to see the end result. Hope you have a creative, not too windy, week ;-)

Renee said...

I think we missed the storm out here. Have had stacks of rain and now the sun is out and there's just blue skies! The footstools should look good with that fabric. Good Luck!

Selina said...

Ohh, the foot stools will look nice when they've been revamped in that gorgeous fabric! I've been hunting for some foot stools myself to cover with chenille, not easy to come by!

On the dye, I just got my dye from spotlight. Sometimes you have to hunt in there to find anything, but it should be with the fabric paints etc. Good luck!

Little Ted Canvas said...

That fabric is beautiful, it'll look gorgeous on those stools!
..Barely slept a wink from midnight on, it really felt like the roof was going to lift off!

Chicken Willow said...

Great fabric, those stools are going to look wonderful.

Kerry said...

That fabric is stunning and looks perfect for the stools. Hope the guinea pigs survived ok!

Heidi said...

those stool are going to look fabulous, don't you love how something so simple can change things so dramaticly!

Catherine said...

lovely fabric! glad you got through the storm OK - I managed to sleep through it... then was surprised at being held up by roadworks removing debris from the street!