Monday, August 16, 2010

Crafty creations

So much inspiration and yet, only a few hours in the day. If only I could craft to my heart's content (although I doubt it would ever be content). Some inspiration for all crafty genres.
Paper art mastery

Gorgeous table settings

Crochet love

Sweet garlands

 For all the softies out there 
(quite apt given all our rain here)


Megan said...

noooo, not more inspiration!! does that amazing paper craft make you just gape in wonder at all the effort that must be involved? i know it does for me. all i can think of is what if you were almost at the end and you ripped a bit. how. very. annoying. i think i would give up on the spot. sending you some time to get your inspiration out and into production :)

Kate said...

I LOVE it!
It did indeed make me smile.
I so need one of those.
ANd that paper cutting is ridiculous.
I hope you're week has gotten off to a great start. X

Kate said...

I mean ridiculously wonderful of course.

Kylie said...

Oh I just love the little owl and I'm thinking I definately need a foxy craft bag! I did warn you about the tissue requirement on my post, beautiful wasn't it?

nerines said...

Oh me oh my so many lovely pictures!
That little owl in the rain is adorable!
and that table!!:)

moose and bird said...

You can never have too much handmade goodness. I love all of these finds.....the crochet, the paper art, the garland. How amazing is that paper art. xo

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love that jar with the map lid from Larkspur. Very pretty!