Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A trip to France please

Dear Santa, I know I'm early....just hear me out. I've been such a good girl all year and I've even being rustling up lots of interest to get everyone into the spirit of Christmas through my humble little Handmade Christmas Challenge. I realise my request is a little early but Santa I'm in desperate need of a holiday. 

Yes, I realise I live near the ocean and I really do appreciate how lucky we all are to live in such beautiful surroundings, but the cleaning and the chores are still here when I get home which means I don't get as much time as I'd like to enjoy said sea shanty life. 

So, I was thinking, no need to fill my stocking full of stuff this Chrissy. All I need Santa is a ticket. A ticket to a foreign land. One with bread sticks, posh accents and people who love to love. That's right Santa, I want, correction...I need to go to France. Happy to take the whole family with me but if you're a bit hard up on cash, and if I must take the trip alone, I will do that for you Santa. Happy to drop off a few gifts for you on the way if Rudolph and his pals are a bit long in the tooth and a little slow these days. 

Perhaps you're a visionary like me Santa and need some colour and movement to really appreciate my depth of gratitude should you grant me my wish.



Kylie said...

Can you believe only four days to paint that !!!!

Erica Louise said...

Hehe, love this!

JuicyFig said...

lets hope Santa and all his little elves are reading your blog!!! lol

NessaKnits said...

Santa here.... terribly sorry. Unable to acceed to request. Instead I'm sending Mrs Claus to work some cleaning/cooking/other magic on your home. Catch you next year.

Sarah said...

Oh my, now I want a ticket too! Just those bunches of lavender alone sent my heart racing. I have been there, but I would dearly love to return there some day. Good luck with your wish.

Selina said...

You never know. I asked Santa for the same thing the last few years in a row.....my ticket is now booked for April next year. (sorry to rub it in!!!)