Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flea Market Finds


I seem to be having a bit of a purple patch at the local garage sales of late. I can never pick them though - the days when I spot a sale and from first glance, think there is nothing, is usually when I'm most surprised. Other days I feel it in my waters that I'm going to have a successful garage hunt and there's nothing but whipper snippers!

I have always had a soft squishy spot for old oil paintings and this week I found some that fit right at home. I thought they may have been originals but then I spied a number of copies at my local Oppy. 

Does anyone know much about these paintings? Would love to know their history - even if they are mass produced! 

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laura said...

OH MY GOODNESS. divine doesn't even begin to describe these beauties! good on you for finding such treasures. love love love them. i also have a soft spot for these guys..not sure of their origin...mine are usually signed by a louis or roberto! haha.

nerines said...

They're lovely! I have a gorgeous old tray with very similar style roses. I love it! I reckon You could create a wonderful display.
I actually know someone who used to door to door with very like pictures and signatured by the artist himself;), I'll say no more but that I feel sorry for the jones'...:) xo

Cielo Azul Jewelry said...

Gorgeous flowers! I love how they light up a room=0)


bee said...

Hi Trace! Sorry it's taken me so long to pop over - just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for linking to our free stickers! You rock! Big cheers :D xox

Mogs Designs said...

They are beautiful, roses are always so pretty

Cherie said...

Gorgeous ... hope you find more of theri origins ;)