Thursday, September 16, 2010

My creative space

It's taken us close to two years but we are finally on the home stretch of our kitchen reno. So I thought for my creative space this week I'd show you a few before and after shots of our kitchen space.
This 80's kitchen was really ahead of its time. Can you see the built in dishwasher next to the oven at waist height? All the drawers were custom made and not too dissimilar to the slim line drawers you can buy now. The herringbone patterned timber wood panelling on the ceiling was plastered over. 
 As you can see, we gutted out the whole kitchen. We removed the bay window, squared it off and replaced it with bi-fold's. The bi-folds open out to a cafe style servery on the other side.  


Today we just finished the glass tiling on the splashback. I love the colour of the tiles - 'mint'. It's amazing what a difference the tiles have made in bringing a bit of sophistication to the space. I'm now just waiting on some droplet light fittings to hang over the island bench and then we are done.

This was the view when standing at the kitchen bench. More wood panelling! Lots of exposed brick and that suspended TV was a nightmare to remove as the iron work that cradled it was built into the brick work. In hindsight, we should have kept those light fittings and used them for our outdoor entertaining area but at the time I was in no mood to salvage things.  


This is the space now. The floor boards we bought in. The exposed brick was plastered over and then painted. The space is a bit bare.  The walls are in need of some art work but I want to make sure I get the right look. Ideally, I'd love some artwork that compliments the colours in the lamp shades.

The lamp shades are a recent purchase. They are a collaboration between Fitzroy furniture makers Wilkins and Kent and the creative and ever so talented gals at Ink & Spindle. The birchwood inspired fabric is printed by hand with eco friendly inks onto organic cotton. I'm absolutely smitten with these shades. 

Oh, and by the house never ever looks this clean. As my husband so fondly describes it, I did one of my "pyscho cleans" before I took this shot. Kids will ruin that within about .1 of a second. At least I captured it in a picture so I can remember what clean used to look like!
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angelina said...

hi! your house looks so clean, calming, inviting. i want to skate across the floor! i love the tree shade....and ive been meaning to wanting to but cant get my act togther enough to : regarding the christmas challenge..BUT perhaps this weekend is the ONE. XO

Rachel Esther said...

Looks fantastic! When can I move in?!

littlebetty said...

Gah! I am so insanely jealous!! I wish I had wood panelling like that in my house! Just kids - this is super awesome, just like I want for my house. Husband tells me I need to get a job to get a new kitchen. Congrats on the great job.

beck said...

What a trasformation! I especially liked the last shot. You must be loving the changes, it looks sensational. Well done xo

Lara said...

Oh wow, that looks amazing!!!!! And our birch lamps are such a feature, I'm so chuffed!

Hey do you have larger images (1000px approx) that you could email us so we can blog the pics? - if you don't mind, of course!

CurlyPops said...

OMG that is absolutely stunning! I love a kitchen makeover, especially with all that white and natural brightness. Just beautiful.

Moags and Smeet said...

Absolutely gorgeous (and a little inspiring - our new house has a not-so-great kitchen!). Thanks for sharing!
~ Laura (Moags)

Cotton Kiwi said...

Wow! What a difference! you wouldn't guess that was the same house! Love it. Well done. (and those mint tile are indeed gorgeous as are your light shades!!). Loving the term psycho clean. that happens in our house too!

Catherine said...

I love your new kitchen and dining room, you've done a great job at choosing the colours and the design. I really like the splash back in the kitchen too.:)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Beautiful and very calming!

I LOVE those shades, have always loved that print!!

Jana said...

I absolutely love it! I adore the minimalist look. And the shades just finish it off so nicely.

Posie Patchwork said...

Love a good psycho clean, that's me in the school holidays when i scrub until 2p.m. in my jammies & realise the children haven't eaten all day!!
Have serious kitchen envy. It looked like a holiday house before, now that is seriously chic, oh, fantastic style & taste. Just watch those white chairs, they do mark (um, some of ours have a little texta on them) but i guess when people come over or we entertain, we don't pretend that we don't have children!! Who knew Italian polyeurathan would stain so badly?? Well my husband who protested the purchase of course, he's always right. I still love them 7 years on, still classic & haven't dated. Love Posie

Maya said...

It's absolutely stunning!! Love the floors, the back splash, everything! We endured our old, worn kitchen for almost two years until we finished the remodel. I bet you just stand there now in disbelief about how gorgeous it is..., that's what I still do in mine!

Maya @ Completely Coastal

Brenda said...

I just had to show my husband your new kitchen....I love it so much! We are about to build and I would love glass tiles and a bench top like yours!

The Ink and Spindle shades are amazing!

Little Ted Canvas said...

The splash back is gorgeous!! I love the colour choice...perfect with the stools...

m.e (Cathie) said...

as the most important place of the house..for me, I LOVE a good makeover!
happy weekend ♥

Justine de Jonge said...

congrats on a beautiful reno! i am so envious. the kitchen looks amazing and that oven looks pretty darn sexy!

Dreamy Whites said...

How are you?
I was going to try and email you, but I can't find an email address. I am replying to your sweet comment you left on my blog.... I just can't get over your kitchen. It is beautiful....
That kitchen is so awesome! I love those lights too. They are perfect.... Have you heard of it is a great place to go for inspiration! You won't be able to leave that site... You should upload pictures of your kitchen to their site. You would inspire a lot of people!
Take Care,
my email address is

Heidi said...

this is a seriously stylish kitchen, just fantastic! I looooove the tile, the color, everything you've done. You will have it looking lived in and warmed up in no time, flowers, fruit baskets, etc and you'll be in love!
Great wonderful job.
(I have a white kitchen too, can you tell I love them? Drop by for a look sometime)
Heidi - Heart and Home

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Beautiful, what gorgeous spaces to cook and eat in, so lovely :)

Tali said...