Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where did my angel go?

It was inevitable...
I thought I had avoided it... 
I rejoiced too early... 

She is just shy of turning 3 and she's hitting me with both barrels. 

The devil has possessed my body, I am no longer able to be reasoned with, gutteral screaming has begun. 

If I could work out how to tape her screaming and add it to my blog I would - just so you can all say, "Trace, I'm hearing ya and I have one too"! Truly, it enters my eardrums and renders me deaf and mute! To the point that when it subsides I'm left with a dull ring in my ears equal to that of the after affects of a heavy metal concert. 

What's worse is she now looks at me with such disdain and fury that I have to channel the spirit of Buddha just so I can remain cool, calm and collected. 

She has the most amazing personality and is an absolute riot but being so extroverted could only mean that her tantrums would equal in measure. 

Give me strength because I'm about to sell her on e-bay!


m.e (Cathie) said...

ohhh ohhh! I hear you!
I don't think you are allowed to put them on ebay anymore :)
you know what though, after allllll that, doesn't it just melt your heart when you get the most squishiest cuddles.
hang in there, then comes the next phase.

BOB & MABEL said...

Maybe the Trading Post may take her!!!!!

Out of my 3 kiddies I too have one of those, she is madness! But with the bad comes the good and it always makes up for the tanties.

Renee said...

Oh my, I'm hearing you! My 3 year old is killing me at the moment. We don't even want money on ebay for ours - we're happy just to lend him to someone for a few years! Everything has to be his way or it's screaming and tears. But isn't it great to know you're not alone?

The Moerks said...

Right on cue. The personality change at 3 is just another joy to contend with! I am sure she will return to her sweet self in say 12 months or so. Well, that's what mine tended to do. May be we could start a Kid bay.