Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My ultimate obsession

If you are a regular in following my posts you will know that I'm slightly obsessed with white interiors but today I really fell in love. It could possibly be the Single White Female love but rest assured, it's her home I'm obsessed with. I hope that doesn't sound too creepy - it's really meant to be a huge compliment. I just love everything about this home including the intent behind the style. I would love to deck my house out like this - perhaps without the ladder (my toddler would base jump from its top step). Very inspiring!

Maria from Dreamy Whites is the mastermind behind this amazing home. She's a mum of 5 living in California. She recently posted an interview on a friend's blog site explaining that her style was "a mix of different styles...vintage beach, French, country farmhouse and shabby...and I mix that up with real living in a real working home, with a budget and all that family life stuff going on all the time".

I just love the practical approach to this home - centering it around the family, valuing the important things in life and not being too precious about sharing the space with a young brood. It's simple yet elegant.


BOB & MABEL said...

Simply beautiful!
I'm sure my 3 kiddies could mess that up in a split second. 5 children, don't know how she does it.

5 star, baby! said...

oh, I could move in there right now and feel very much at home!
LOVE it!!

5 star, baby! said...

mandy, get out of my head! we just commented at the same time!! funny!

Sarah B said...

Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog - yours looks lovely!! I'll be back!
ps I love Alannah Hill too but we can't buy it in Tas! Boo..

PJ said...

hey, just been checking out your blog. Love your style and like you i am a mad op shop fan. I've only recently started blogging so stop by and check my blog out if you get a chance xx