Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whenever you're ready

I have seriously lost my blogging mojo and I have no idea how on earth to get it back. I'm like an old car that's run out of juice, an elite athlete without EPO, a painter with no muse. You get my drift and I'm sure you've noticed I'm just filling in time.  

I've visited a few times but I just can't find the motivation to hurl myself back in and get comfy with all my blogging friends. It should be easy - I love to talk. But I just don't feel like I've got anything remotely interesting to share with anyone. I even have a new camera which takes the most stunning photos and yet, alas, I'm paralysed at the wrist (well apart from writing this entry perhaps!?).

I just imagined that when I finally got around to posting, many of you would have left but I see not one of you has booted off. That's nice. Thanks! I hope I can redeem myself shortly with some kind of inspiring, witty, and creative post. If not, I'm sure you'll be spoiled for choice with others!

I welcome any tips for getting the mojo back.

Trace x



Posie Patchwork said...

Argh, my comment just deleted itself.
Take your new camera around with you tomorrow & do an Australia Day post, try that, now is as good a time as any!! Love Posie

Make mine Mid-Century said...

You have! I've missed you ... this happens to me all the time. Don't worry, it'll come back when you're ready and you'll write 10 posts at once. (Well, that's how I find it.)

Forget the blog for a while ... no one will go. And when you're ready, it'll all come flooding back ... trawl some op shops, read a book, cook something you'd never normally cook, even if you take one photo with your camera and make one comment ... but don't fret about it.

Catherine said...

I'd been thinking about you:) I hope you had a good holiday. It can be hard to get back in the groove sometimes. You could always have a wordless post and share some of you amazing new photos, that way there's no pressure. We'll be here when you get your mojo back.:)

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Thats the thing about blogs...here we are just ordinary folk doing our ordinary everyday thing but somewhere in us all is this wonderful creative, verbose, talented, funny, clever etc person who has chosen to spend a little of their time with us on their blog, to entertain us with whatever is their vice or passion or just their life.
And "real" life is always there in front of us all, however it is reassuring and incredible at the same time to know that there are others who want to connect with people just like us so that we know we are not the only eccentric on the block!
And we are always there, 'cos there's heaps of us! regular blog post or not.
Aint it wonderful!
See you when you are ready :)
I had better get those boys of mine into bed ;)

BOB & MABEL said...

I hear you sista! I've only started again recently and am really struggling. Have another caramel slice and you'll be right!!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

LOL some times it gets like this :-) Your mojo will come back when its good and ready and we will all be faithfully waiting :-)

Heidi said...

Sometimes its hard to get the blogging mojo going and I'm amzed how some never lose it and it's always fresh....not me!
I for one have missed you!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Just take it nice and slow! Don't rush it and it will return in its own time!

Anna Bartlett said...

I think it's been hard because of all the destruction around lately. I don't want to boast that I'm ok. So hopefully we'll both get back on the horse (because I really did enjoy it!) soon enough... Looks like you are already!